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Meet Our 2015 Emerging Scholars Fellowship Class

We're excited to introduce you today to our 2015 class of the Emerging Scholars Fellowship, the nation's only program dedicated to supporting mental health and creative projects by the next generation of leaders in mental health.

The Emerging Scholars Fellowship is a program of Active Minds, Inc., a leading national nonprofit organization working to change the conversation and...

The Scattergood Foundation and The Kennedy Forum Team-up to Announce Third Annual Innovation Award


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- January 13, 2015                    

The Scattergood Foundation and The Kennedy Forum Team-up

to Announce Third Annual Innovation Award

Submissions Accepted Starting Today; Award Will Highlight New and...

The Tarasoff Rule: The Implications of Interstate Variation and Gaps in Professional Training


By: Rebecca Johnson, MA, Govind Persad, JD, and Dominic Sisti, PhD

Recent events have revived questions about the circumstances that ought to trigger therapists’ duty to warn or protect. There is extensive interstate variation in duty to warn or protect statutes enacted and rulings made in the wake of the California Tarasoff ruling. These duties may be codified in...

Caveat Emptor: Careful with that Data

As the second decade of the 21st Century reaches its midpoint, using data and evaluating outcomes has become more and more important across a variety of fields. While data has long been the lifeblood of science, technology, and commerce, it is becoming increasingly essential for organizations and agencies within the social sector. However, these organizations and agencies must be careful that...

Anesthesia drug works on severe depression, but off-label use raises concerns

By Maiken Scott December 1, 2014   Anti-depressants work for only about half the people taking them.  The unlucky half quickly run out of options. Some psychiatrists are exploring the off-label use of the common anesthesia drug Ketamine, which has shown results, but is also raising concerns.   Researchers aren't quite sure why or how Ketamine works for people with depression - but several studies...