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Recovering Inside? Ethical Challenges in Correctional Mental Health Care

Commissioner Charles Ramsey speaking at the Recovering Inside Conference held on October 20,2016 at the National Constitution Center  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Agenda

8:00-8:45am | Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:45-9:00am | Dominic Sisti: Welcome & Business

9:00-9:15am | Arthur Evans: Opening Comments & Introduction of Commissioner Ramsey


Beyond Misogyny: Using Hip-Hop as a Tool to Make Sense of Adolescent Identity Development

By: Cassandra Ogbevire, Masters Candidate, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education

  “Once formed, an identity furnishes individuals with a historical sense of who they have been, a meaningful sense of who they are now, and a sense of who they might become in the future.”  -James Marcia, PhD   Music imitates life. Music refreshes the soul. Music reveals our...

Like-Minded Rally for Mental Health and Substance Use Reform

  Calling all Philadelphians, visitors, Democratic National Convention Delegates, and more to gather for the Like-Minded Rally for Mental Health and Substance Use Reform at Dilworth Park in front of City Hall.   Come to hear from speakers from national and local mental health and substance use organizations and learn more about the National Behavioral...

Psychosis Risk: What Is It and How Should We Talk About It?

By: Dominic A. Sisti, PhD, and Monica E. Calkins, PhD Abstract Schizophrenia and other psychosis spectrum disorders do not develop de novo but emerge from prodromal stages that are named and operationalized differently depending on the research group or consortium and its theoretical orientation. As a result, a complex lexicon now exists for characterizing individuals’ risk of subclinical...

Giving Asylum? The Ethics of Long-Term, Structured Care for People with Severe, Refractory Mental Illness

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals in the US who have serious mental illness. Most of these individuals thrive in the community, but there remains a population who do not. Because the number of long-term psychiatric hospital beds has largely evaporated over the past 50 years, they often cycle between homelessness, acute care, and prison. Of the 2.5 million individuals incarcerated in...

Scholar Update: Danielle Adams (Class of 2014) Publishes Research

It’s times like this that leave the Active Minds community beaming with pride. Scholar updates are our most favorite thing to receive, so imagine our delight when we heard from 2014 scholar Danielle “Dani” Adams. She informed us that her fellowship research has resulted in a first author publication in the Journal of American College Health. Her article, titled “The Relationship Between...

Burning psychiatry's bible: A new framework for diagnosing mental illness

March 17, 2016 | By: Audrey Quinn The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM. (Courtesy of Irene Hurford)   Possibly the only thing scarier than public speaking, is getting called out while you're public speaking. In the early 1990s, Judith Ford was a neuroscientist at Stanford. She'd made her name in studying the aging brain, but she'd just recently...