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Chinese elders ‘walk the middle path’ to better mental health

Members at the Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal Senior Center in Queens, New York, perform tai chi on a Friday morning. Photo courtesy of Jad Sleiman and WHYY.   It’s a Friday morning, and the Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal Senior Center in Flushing, Queens is bustling with activity.   In one room, around two-dozen Asian seniors are practicing tai chi. Nearby, another group rehearses an opera, their...

Roundup of Recent Stories about the Brain

How electroconvulsive therapy’s troubled past has colored its modern use By: Elana Gordon February 16, 2017   Elyse Hunt hit rock bottom last summer. She had pummeled deeply into an already serious depression, leaving her bedridden and contemplating suicide. And one point, the condition left her hospitalized. "I was ready to go," she recalled, from her Hampton, Virginia home. Ten years had passed...

Burning psychiatry's bible: A new framework for diagnosing mental illness

March 17, 2016 | By: Audrey Quinn The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM. (Courtesy of Irene Hurford)   Possibly the only thing scarier than public speaking, is getting called out while you're public speaking. In the early 1990s, Judith Ford was a neuroscientist at Stanford. She'd made her name in studying the aging brain, but she'd just recently...

Physician, heal thyself? Why more young doctors are depressed

February 18, 2016 | The Pulse By Neda Freyha

It's late afternoon at a busy medical clinic in Baltimore. Dr. John Allen sits at a small desk by the window. Pale yellow sunlight streams in. A can of diet soda rests on the windowsill. He scrolls through his patients' test results on his computer screen and picks up the phone.

"Hi, it's Dr. Allen, just...

How the 'stigma of masculinity' gets in the way for depressed men

By: Renee Gross

There is no difference between the number of men and women who experience depression, according to a recent survey. But you wouldn't know it from looking inside a therapist's office.   Women are still twice as likely to be diagnosed and treated with depression as men.   Dr. Harold, or "Woody", Neighbors is well aware of the pitfalls that...

10 years after Katrina, addressing the mental trauma that lingers

AUGUST 20, 2015 | LAine Kaplan-Levenson

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, much of the physical damage the storm caused in the city of New Orleans has been repaired. Neighborhoods and communities have been rebuilt. Schools, hospitals, businesses, and restaurants have re-opened.

But a deeper, invisible wound brought by the storm remains. Thousands of...

Tourists help fight the stigma that surrounds mental illness in Rwanda

  By Wyatt Orme   July 16th, 2015

Rates of mental illness in Rwanda are significantly higher than other countries. This is largely attributed to the trauma many suffered during the 1994 genocide, which left nearly one million dead and a country full of people deeply affected emotionally. 

The government is trying to respond to the need for mental health care. But resources are limited...