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ParityTrack is a collaborative project of the Kennedy Forum and the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation that works to monitor and advance parity implementation work taking place throughout the United States.

The functions of the project are:

  • To examine the current state of parity implementation across the country through state and federal Parity Reports, which compile all parity-related legislation that has been introduced and passed, regulatory actions taken by state insurance regulatory agencies, and any private or public legal actions relevant to parity.

  • To provide resources that can improve parity implementation in any given state, such as model legislation, model regulatory bulletins, and compliance guides for regulators.

  • To educate consumers, family members, providers, and advocates by providing user-friendly information explaining which types of insurance are covered by parity laws, an individual’s rights under the law, how these laws are commonly violated, and what options individuals have if they are victims of a violation.

Model legislation

ParityTrack created model legislation in order to provide a template for how parity implementation can be enhanced at the state level. This model bill was created by the ParityTrack policy staff in collaboration with the American Psychiatric Association, Community Catalyst, Mental Health America, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It addresses some of the most critical issues in parity at basic levels, including regulatory agency accountability, health benefit plan transparency, definitional clarity for mental health conditions and substance use disorders, consumer and provider education, and coverage for medications that address the opioid crisis. Below are links to the model legislation, a summary of the legislation, and an information sheet that explains how ParityTrack can tailor the model legislation for any given state:

Model Legislation


Information Sheet

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