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The Support Place Where HOPE Lives

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The Support Place Where HOPE Lives
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The Support Place Where HOPE Lives
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Linda Meyer
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511 Dover Rd Suite A Toms River NJ 08757
Project Description: 

The Support Place Where HOPE Lives, a wellness transformation center was created to offer professional peer support, non-clinical human to human – heart to heart support in an environment that offers physical, emotional and spiritual support for anyone in the community who is looking for this wellness experience.Independently owned by Linda Meyer, a person with lived experience, The Support Place is based on offering support to people by introducing them to an evidence based plan of the WRAP and professional peer support. This self-management - self-awareness plan is facilitated by certified facilitators who have the lived experience of using WRAP in their own life and can inspire others to find their own action plans to help themselves.The workshops, individual sessions and transformation support groups are offered to women, men, teens and seniors and offer an inspiring different approach and change the stigma for someone who struggles with life challenges.

Creativity and Innovation: 

The Support Place Where HOPE Lives was created by a person with lived experience to offer a place where people can walk in the center to feel the positive energy and will notice the big oak dining table and chairs, the hand stenciled book case and the wellness tree on the wall where everyone writes on the leaves what makes them feel good.The workshops and transformation support groups are different than traditional groups as they focus on wellness by doing a wellness activity, craft while discussing positive action plans to help them through their struggles.These groups and workshops are peer run and offer a comfort agreement that is made by everyone participating in the group and allows a sense of ownership in the group process and eliminates conflicts. The goals of the group are revealed through this comfort agreement by each participant and represents wellness.


The Support Place Where HOPE Lives was founded by Linda Meyer who has a bachelors in Management and Marketing from Rider College and is also a CPS, CRSP and a Certified WRAP Facilitator. It is not the certifications or degrees that encourage others to find their wellness but it is the knowledge and real experience of attaining this wellness that others are looking for to help themselves. The effectiveness of WRAP and peer support appear to be what others are looking for when they reach out for support.This model appears to be inspiring to many people who are looking for support and also those who work in the clinical field. This lived experience combined with the professional business experience allows for a new concept to emerge and an understanding of what wellness recovery and transformation is because of the lived experience that is shared.


Peer support, eight dimensions of wellness and WRAP are evidenced based with SAMHSA and appear to be expanding from behavioral health into integrated health based on the successfulness of this approach.Because of this, the growth and expansion of The Support Place will seek to attain funding as peer support is crucial and cost effective to insurance companies and hospitals to reduce recidivism in behavioral and physical health hospitals.The Red Shoes Club, a new division of the center will be the creative fundraiser to help support changing the stigma while supporting those who are hopeless or suicidal through the use of WRAP.Linda is a fellowship recipient from The Center for Recovery, Dignity and Empowerment and has a mentor working with her. She also has the support of many professionals who work in the field to assist and support her incredible vision of wellness and transformation.


The Support Place can easily be expanded into different communities and adapted to meet the need of the community through the use of customized transformation support groups and training of new peer supporters and WRAP facilitators.Training new peer supporters and new certified WRAP facilitators will also allow the programs to be integrated into the community and meet the people where they are at schools, community centers, hospitals etc.Peer support and WRAP are not new but the idea of a person with lived experience operating their own center is. Since this might very well be the first center to open based on non-clinical peer support and more importantly WRAP, this can happen because it is not counseling or therapy. The center offers what people seem to be needing and appears to be cost effective to many organizations.New fundraising chapter events will be nationwide to help reduce the stigma.


Pre-tests, post-test’s and surveys are all used to help determine the effectiveness of the center for the WRAP workshops and transformation groups. The results have been very supportive and encouraging not to only the persons own recovery and transformation but validation to the service that is being provided.A variety of professional people have been very supportive of this and for many this is a new idea that can be merged into existing clinical services.

The Support Place supports the recognition that peers have the ability to provide a very effective service and also allows for reducing the stigma.Changing the stigma of someone who is hopeless or has had a past suicide attempt, the voice of the peer is especially important to support and encourage the choice of finding a life of HOPE. The WRAP and the crisis plan can successfully assist in this.

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Integration of Behavioral Health and Physical Health
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WRAP and Peer Support