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Sounds Like IBS (USA), Inc.

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Sounds Like IBS (USA), Inc.
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Marilyn Bellezzo
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c/o D. Zerbo, 805 Daibes Court, Edgewater, New Jersey 07020
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SoundsLikeIBS, is a mobile health application (app) which delivers a proven behavioral management program to patients diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, an embarrassing digestive disorder. The App delivers a 20-year proven protocol, used by hundreds of thousands IBS patients worldwide with an average 90% success rate. IBS sufferers may present with behavioural health aspects of anxiety and depression as a result of long-standing suffering, or as comorbid conditions. IBS is the second most common cause for absenteeism next to the common cold.

Innovative and user-friendly, the SoundsLikeIBS app provides a results-oriented strategy which establishes base-line symptoms. Delivering a structured protocol of five automatically scheduled guided imagery sessions designed to reduce or eliminate physical and emotional symptoms associated with IBS. 

The SoundsLikeIBS app is HIPPA compliant and has built in features that monitor progress which can be studied individually, with patient permission, or rendered anonymous, thereby providing collective research tracking data for large population segments, valuable for physicians, insurance companies or HR employers wishing to reduce absenteeism.

App benefits include: education, prompt treatment; real-time progress monitoring; high patient compliance; unique IBS Index, potential for reduction or elimination of prescription medications and supplemental cost/claims, decreased patient office visits, and fewer diagnostic tests.


Creativity and Innovation: 

IBS is no respecter of age, gender or background. One person in five presents with IBS, coupled by anxiety regarding lack of symptom control and depression in living with pain. As a result of IBS patients too sick to travel for treatment, audio recordings of guided imagery sessions were mailed to them and later made available to the public. The IBS Audio Program comprised hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.  The newly launched cost-effective SoundsLikeIBS app furthered this approach with real-time monitoring for patient progress for program efficacy, instructive videos, Info-Graphics and interactive features with a capacity to measure success while bringing proven methodologies with the added benefit of unique data analysis tools to research and medical professionals with substantial cost savings to insurance companies for the ongoing treatment of IBS.

The app addresses not only emotional and physical symptom reduction, but also patient privacy, dignity and assistance if needed.


IBS is a debilitating condition affecting millions worldwide, with no cure or standard effective treatment. With over 80 prescribed medications and numerous IBS treatment studies, there is little evidence supporting any particular drug. Within behavioral health, the SoundsLikeIBS app leads the way with a cost effective solution that significantly reduces or eliminates patient suffering. Utilizing state of the art technology incorporating sophisticated encrypted security systems combined with a clinical behavioral strategy, the HIPPA compliant SoundsLikeIBS app can be accessed remotely by the patient and also by healthcare providers, with patient permission. The app can provide real-time data to be amassed from large population segments which can be refined to accommodate any study.

The platform can be utilized in other behavioral health issues, such as stress, anxiety, PTSD, anger management and domestic violence, using this model of integrating clinical management with interactive technology to achieve treatment success and more meaningful studies


Since SoundsLikeIBS is a clinical management program combining a treatment strategy with interactive technology it is able to be accessed remotely. This program or any other developed with the organization’s proprietary framework will be building blocks in any population leading to measurement of treatment progress and data collection that can be easily shared by any institution utilizing it. The organization has positioned SoundsLikeIBS to be not only easily accessed but available in unlimited quantities by all organizations affected by its patients’ discomfort or its cost to the organization. This includes hospital systems, provider groups, corporations, insurers and health plans. The organization has the necessary infrastructure and capacity to allow sustainable growth in both patient and provider usage, including institutional users and overseers. With low product cost and offering huge savings on absenteeism, MD visits, reduction of prescription medications and elsewhere, it is a natural choice for individual and organizations alike.


The innovation has the potential to be effectively duplicated, transferred, or adapted by organizations with similar competencies and for target populations with similar demographic profiles.

The core of the app uses today’s technology to deliver a proven clinical management program based on the use of behavioral principles. It utilizes autonomic processes to create new ways of thinking that results in symptom improvement or elimination. The organization’s proprietary technology platform can be replicated for any disorder within or without the purview of behavioral health, combining interactive technology with clinical treatment strategies. The platform not only deals with direct patient treatment but also enables healthcare providers and institutions who manage risk populations to monitor the progress of each patient in real-time, measure treatment effectiveness and have access to all patients’ data within a particular population. Collected data can be made anonymous so that larger and/or specific population segments can be studied.


SoundsLikeIBS app provides state-of-the-art technology to provide performance evaluation. Each IBS patient user enters information and a number to reflect the severity or absence of each physical and related emotional symptom listed. Periodically, and at the end of the program, the user is asked to revisit these entries, and each is charted showing the level of improvement from the baseline entry before starting the program. These entries are also color coded to show continuity and areas of needed growth or improvement. 

This data can be collected from all users, showing an overall efficacy of the program in numerical data format which can be translated into aggregate data of various groups – gender, age, locale, etc. for research and can also be compared to our prior in-house clinical trials. In addition, users can respond in their own words relating progress or concerns, providing real-time ongoing evaluation of program efficacy over time. 

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Integration of Behavioral Health and Physical Health
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