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RightCare Solutions, Inc.

Name of Innovative Program: 
Delivering the Right Care with Smarter Software for Better Outcomes
Sponsoring Organization
RightCare Solutions, Inc.
Name of Innovative Program Lead: 
Eric M Heil
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Project Description: 
RightCare is a medical technology company with a software application that consists of three modules:1) RightCare Risk Assessment - Identifies patients who are high-risk at admission.2) RightCare Coordination Central – Prioritizes patients’ needs based on risk score, recommends the most appropriate post-acute care, provides a list of post-acute care agencies that match the patient’s needs.3) RightCare Post Care Connect – Electronically alerts the post-acute provider at admission once the agency has been selected by the patient.  RightCare is founded on a decade of nationally-recognized expert insights and science. Our proprietary content has been studied in clinical settings for the past decade and utilizes patient data focusing on the patients’ behavorial and physicial ability to provide self-care versus a focus on medical diagnosis alone.  RightCare has proven, peer-reviewed, and reproduced outcomes data to support the positive impact of our software application.  
Creativity and Innovation: 
Over the past 12 years, Dr. Kathy Bowles, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing  has led an interdisciplinary academic research team to identify the root causes of why patients were “failing through the cracks” and being readmitted back to the hospital within 30-days of a prior discharge.   Dr. Bowles identified the root causes of readmissions were not disease or procedure specific but rather behavioral, community-specific, socio-economic, mental, and physical environmental factors for which patients are coming from.   With this scientific foundation, RightCare was formed to deliver these insights to the point-of-care with an innovative software application that is installed in any hospital EHR. The RightCare software applications empowers clinicians with the ability to identify high-risk patients at admission and recommend the most appropriate transitional and post-acute care plan for each patient, so that patients get the right type of follow-up care resulting in better outcomes. 
The RightCare software application helps hospitals achieve their goals to improve the quality of care delivery for their patients.  The software brings innovation to discharge planning because it introduces standardization and objective recommendations into a process that at present is highly variable. With RightCare run at admission, patients, their caregivers, and clinicians, have more time to plan, educate, coordinate, and communicate with each other.  With more time to educate and understand the behavioral needs of a patient, RightCare has reduced the number of patient refusals for post-acute care.  In addition, the RightCare Risk Assessments incorporates important community-specific factors that are critical to consider a patient’s ability to take care of oneself after they leave the hospital.   RightCare continues to encourage other organizations through peer-review publications and presentations at major medical conferences on the importance risk stratifying patients at admission and incorporating behavioral and community factors.
RightCare has a strong executive leadership team, board of directors, advisors, and investors.  In just two years, RightCare has raised over $7.0 million in venture investments, from leading venture investors Domain Associates and Compass Partners, and goverment grants.   RightCare is led by Eric Heil, Co-founder and CEO.    Leading the technology efforts at RightCare has been Mrinal Bhasker, Chief Technology Officer.  Mrinal comes with a depth of experience and was a founding management member of RightCare. Prior to RightCare, he served as the Chief Technical Architect for Maryland’s statewide health information exchange, CRISP.  Leading the Client Services and Product Development is Matt Tanzer, Chief Commercial Officer.  Prior to joining RightCare, he was the Associate Director of Promotion Response Insights at Shire Pharmaceuticals.  Leading the Commercialization Operations is Matt Ruth, Chief Operations Officer. Matt is a proven business executive with an impressive background in building and leading commercial organizations.
Decreasing readmissions through better discharge planning and transitional care is a national healthcare priority. Over $26 Billion is spent each year in the US in potentially preventable readmissions.  The RightCare software application is of great significance and interest to acute care hospitals across the country because the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program went into effect as of October 2012. As part of the Affordable Care Act, this program began penalizing hospitals for patient readmissions that occur within 30-days of a previous admission for select diagnoses. The list of diagnoses has since expand, and is likely to move to an all-cause readmission metric, further increasing the burden of this new legislation on acute care providers. In addition, hospital readmissions are bad for patients. Each exposure to an acute exacerbation and the perils of the inpatient environment places patients at risk for falls, infections, medical errors and declines in function.  
In 2013, RightCare successfully demonstrated positive outcomes at both pilot partners Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH) and University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS). In a large pivotal study at UPHS examining the impact of RightCare Solutions' software application on all-cause 30-day readmissions, RightCare showed a 29% reduction in all-cause 30-day readmission rates in the intervention group.  Consistent with the data reported in previous studies, reductions were seen in high-risk patients at all three hospitals that participated in the study.  This study was conducted in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Health System with the goal of improving care coordination and reducing readmissions.  The partnership with RightCare Solutions included the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, and Pennsylvania Hospital.  By leveraging the RightCare software application, the health system's staff of nurses, clinical resource coordinators, and social workers utilized evidence-based point-of-care software to improve and enhance patient outcomes.