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Northern Children's Services

Name of Innovative Program: 
Northern Children’s Services Wellness and Resilience Program
Sponsoring Organization
Northern Children's Services
Name of Innovative Program Lead: 
Northern Children's Services
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Project Description: 
Northern Children's Services developed the Wellness and Resilience Program that serves children and adolscents between the ages of 8 and 14 with moderate to severe behavioral health concerns.  The program is innovative because it coordinates and integrates services at the agency, in the home and within the community.  As part of this program Individual and Family Therapy are provided both at the agency and in the home.  The program also utilizes group therapy and structured therapeutic recreational activites for youth at the agency and within the community.  In terms of community integration, trips and therapeutic activivites are planned to support treatment goals.  Initially, therapeutic support is needed in these activities.  With support the child is able to develop inner resource to manage behavioral challenges.  The therapeutic support is titrated over time until the child can function in the community activity without support.
Creativity and Innovation: 
The Wellnes and Resilience Program was developed with support from Communiy Behavioral Health (CBH) and the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH).  The primary focus is building resilience and wellness for children within the community.  Rather than having services from different providers, with some providing services in the community, some within the home and other services provided at home with the family, the Wellness and Resilience Program is holistic and integrates services within all of these settings.  This holistic approach is innovative and was developed to provide coordinated services that focus on building strengths and resilience.
In the development of this program Northern Children's Services staff worked closely with Community Behavioral Health (CBH) and Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) in the deveopment of the program and in getting support and approval from the State.  The Clinical Director met regularly with CBH and DBH representatives to propose the initiative and to get approval for the program.  
The program description was accepted by the county and the state resulting in the sustainability of the program.  With a written program description the program can be replicated. 
The program description was approved by the county and the state and therefore the program can be replicated.
The program has actively workd to implement evidence based practices. As part of the program clinicians utilize Evidence based practices.  All services are also trauma-informed.   Addtionally, as part of progam, routine data collection is part of the initial authorization and ongoing autorization  Data is collected at itake and every six months.  The collection of outcome measures is routine and part of program protocol. We have collected baseline information and currently are getting followup data from the first  six months of service.