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Mission Recovery

Name of Innovative Program: 
Opportinities for Renewal
Sponsoring Organization
Mission Recovery
Name of Innovative Program Lead: 
Alexander Morisey
E-mail Address of Innovative Program Lead:
Physical Address of Innovative Program: 
4710 Locust street, Apt 203, Philadelphia, PA 19139
Project Description: 

Mission Recovery is a culturally diverse, 501 (c) (3) organization that would like to establish a program called Opportunities for Renewal. The program will work with mental health participants who have not had much sucess in coping with their mental health. Participants in the program must have had at least 3 hospitalizations within a year and must not have a case manager. Our strategy is to build a strong Recovery team. Participants are called Team Members and peer staff Renewal Coaches. Everyone who participates in our program is considered a valuable resource, not a client.

Creativity and Innovation: 

There are five areas of innovation and creativity: 1. The Discharge Plan for the hospital becomes a working document with the support of staff. 2. Each Team Member will develop a Plan for Renewal, outlining goals for positive change. 3. Team meetings will focus on goals and problem solving. 4. A resource bank will be developed containg the strengths of team members. 5. Community building will be a key element of sustainability.


Making the Discharge Plan become a more effective tool can serve to enlighten others entities eager to have a greater impact in changing the lives of whose struggled to achieve balance. The Plan for Renewal is a simple tool that has the potential to be used widely.


Community buildinng, in our view, provides long range support to our consitituency. Financial resources are not needed if Team Members learn how to recieve support from their peers. We also plan to partner with psychiatric facilities to provide continuity and support. Hospitals may also have the potential to provide financial support.


We view the innovative aspects of our program as models that can be replicated. Our approach is cost effective, not requiring great financial resources. It is distiguished by its simplicity.


We expect hospitalizations to be reduced through our efforts. Progrsm participants will learn problem solving techniques and therefore become more independent. There will be a mutually agreed upon period of engagement in the program. Team Members who sucessfully complete will be an indication how well the program is progressing. A record will be maintained of sucessful resolution of problems and challenges.

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