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Advancing Innovative Strategies for Change in Behavioral Health


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Arun Ravi
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1109 Vicente Street, San Francisco, CA 94116
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Mevoked is an analytics platform that correlates online, mobile and social data to behavioral health. We have a clinical partnership with Mayo Clinic to use the platform for patients who have been diagnosed with depression. Mevoked's focus is the 34 million American adults with a medical condition (co-occurring physical health condition) who also have a mental health condition. We want to support the mental health needs of chronic disease management.  By using 6 to 12 week programs, Mevoked can be recommended (similar to a digital therapeutic) to patients, who have cancer, diabetes, hypertension or even stress/anxiety. The platform can be customized to focus on patient data collection, patient education or even real-time interventions. The solution can be used by a variety of healthcare stakeholders from pharmaceutical companies, individual healthcare practitioners, corporate wellness, large Healthcare providers and Payors.

Creativity and Innovation: 

Mevoked is one of the first real-time intervention platforms dedicated to mental health. We have repurposed machine learning and learning algorithms to passively collect online/mobile/data and determine the state of mind of the user. Most platforms require the user to be active i.e enter their emotions, Mevoked uses passive data collection to interact. Interaction events can focus on patient data collection, patient education or even real-time interventions. 



  1. Arun Ravi, founder/CEO, Computer Engineering, U of Arizona, Masters in Bioscience @ Keck Graduate Institute (MS/MBA combined degree Caltech/Drucker School of Management), former Practice Leader of Healthcare IT @ Frost & Sullivan, Worked extensively in helping healthcare companies develop a mobile/online strategy. Worked with top 5 pharmaceutical companies in developing mental health solutions online. Quoted/Published in > 20 publications such as the WSJ, Nature, and Nature Biotech.
  2. Sharad Santhanam, founder/CTO, IIT Bombay Undergrad (Computer Science), U of Arizona Masters (Computer Science), 13 years of experience in building complex enterprise software dealing with large volumes of data at leading companies like Oracle and IBM. 
  3. Dr. Juan Pablo Ferrer, founder/CSO, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, The Wright Institute, Clinical Psychologist with specialties in lifespan development, trauma, mental illness, and neuroscience. Specializing in human development and the role of the brain on emotions and cognition.



We have a clinical relationship with Mayo Clinc. The aim of this collaboration is to provide a tool for clinicians to use with patients who have been diagnosed with depression.The collaboration includes a follow-up study that will focus on using Mevoked’s tool to improve clinical outcomes. Mevoked’s goal is to develop analytics tools that improve the way mental health is diagnosed, treated and managed. Using an analytics platform that operates passively, in the background, to correlate online, mobile and social data to mental health wellness, the experts from Mevoked and Mayo Clinic will work together to enhance treatment options available to clinicians. Mayo Clinic will also participate in Mevoked’s seed round. We have also raised money from investors and are pushing out many more pilots in the near future. Ultimately we would like to see Mevoked address the mental health needs of disease management. 


The platform is unique and would be very hard to replicate. Mevoked's technology is also patent pending. 


We are currently in the middle of our clinical study with Mayo Clinic. So far the results have been great but it is a little too early to comment.

In previous pilots we were able to enforce positive behavioral change with college students through behavioral  activation. 40% of the interaction events were followed up with and this allowed us to impact any negative mood/behavior. 

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