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MEMOTEXT Corporation

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MEMOTEXT personalized adherence solutions
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MEMOTEXT Corporation
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Amos Adler
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Canadian Office - MaRS Centre Heritage Building, 101 College Street, Suite HL20-2 Toronto, ON
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MEMOTEXT personalized adherence solutions provide digital and mobile health based adherence and behavior change solutions to patients.  The program provides an evidence-based design methodology, self-learning engine and communications platform to personalize digital health interventions for various healthcare stakeholders. Our evidence-based and disease specific interventions use validated assessment methodologies to deliver significant and sustained increases in patient adherence to treatment regimens. Non-adherence is caused by various factors depending on the individual. Using personalized mobile, SMS, IVR/Speech and web2.0 communications, MEMOTEXT’s solution is an intelligence conversation platform. By having a constant conversation with our patients, MEMOTEXT’s algorithm picks up on these changes and alters their profile accordingly. This allows our adherence programs to adapt in real time to best fit the patient’s immediate and long-term needs. MEMOTEXT’s self-learning 'Personologic' algorithm factors in each patient’s unique reasons for non-adherence and behavior in their messaging, creating an adherence program personalized to patient behavior, biometrics, and claims data. 'Personologic' increases relevance and patient engagement over the long term while our platform automates and scales. MEMOTEXT combines a self-learning personalization algorithm, a multi-disciplinary stakeholder design methodology and large-scale communications platform to integrate care into the everyday lives of patients.

Creativity and Innovation: 

Every patient has their own unique barriers to medication adherence. Our solution to medical compliance is an evidence-based, self-learning algorithm that eschews the one-size fits all notions of healthcare and recognizes patients for what they are - unique individuals. Our personalized program has been validated by clinical studies and is designed to customize itself to each patient maximize adherence to their medication regimen. MEMOTEXT’s people centred approach provides education, behavior coaching and motivation to patients, based on their need. We have pioneered staying attuned to patient’s changes in behaviour, lifestyles and adapting their messaging accordingly. Through constant data collection, our intelligence algorithm updates patient profiles in real time then adapts its approach to communicating with the patient through individual life changes. We have proven increasing a patient’s medical literacy nudges them towards positive behavior change and improved medication adherence.


MEMOTEXT adherence solutions are founded on the principle of delivering adherence improvements using scalable, ROI-driven media combined with a condition- population specific behavioral inference and personalization engine. Solutions are tailored to a patients' behavioral assessment, knowledge, history and preferred mode of communication.The iterative assessment and dialoguing process promotes change by integrating with individual patient needs for education, incentives, interactive coaching, motivational interviewing, reminder cues and stakeholder/peer support. Our Personologic™ algorithm has the ability to learn and remember previously reported knowledge, intentions, and behaviors, allowing the enterprise scale platform to modify content and dialogues for the same individual in real-time. Overtime, these dialogues adapt to the changing attitudes, beliefs and circumstances of each patient.


Medication non-compliance costs 125,000 North American lives every year.  50% of patients don’t adhere to their medication and up to 63% of hospital admissions are due to poor adherance. Costing patients $290 billion and pharmaceutical companies $188 billion a year in North American alone; all stakeholders have an interest in improved adherence programs. MEMOTEXT works with participating stakeholders to ensure that the condition/lifestyle-specific interactive messages are delivered in the most effective manner, with a frequency that is appropriate for each specific health regimen. To ensure success, we provide resources to develop and execute a comprehensive visioning, requirements gathering and communications plan for all relevant stakeholder communities to ensure significant adoption and positive outcomes.


MEMOTEXT adherence solutions program is easily replicable as it eschews the one-size fits all notions of health care and recognizes patients as unique individuals. Our Personologic™ algorithm has the ability to learn and remember previously reported knowledge, intentions, and behaviors of populaitons of any scale. As the World Health Organization (WHO) Report on Rx Adherence states: “Increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatment”. As such, our program can work anywhere for any population, provided there is sufficient digital and/or mobile infrastructure and usage.


MEMOTEXT personalized adherence solutions have validated results from both clinical trials and real world data. Our clinical trail with Johns Hopkins showes that our program increases patient medication adherence from 51% to 67%. Real world data has shown that our program has a retention rate of over over 88% of patients that enroll. With every 10% increase in Medication Possession Ratio (MPR), there is a net decrease in annual total healthcare costs of up to 30% and MEMOTEXT's program increases MPR up to 55%.

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