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Let Go... Let Peace Come In Foundation

Name of Innovative Program: 
Innovation to Alleviate the Global Pandemic of Child Sexual Abuse
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Let Go... Let Peace Come In Foundation
Name of Innovative Program Lead: 
Gretchen Paules
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Project Description: 
 Peter S. Pellulo, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), founded the Let Go… Let Peace Come In (LGLPCI) Foundation to help adult survivors like himself. The LGLPCI Foundation not only subsidizes individual trauma therapy treatment for adult survivors of child sexual abuse who do not have the means or adequate insurance to begin their own healing process, it also has cultivated an alignment with the number one public health school in the world to revolutionize public policy landscape and provide the necessary data for empirically based mental health treatment decisions to provide survivors of CSA with access to a higher quality of care. Additionally the LGLPCI Foundation, through the funding of such initiatives, aims to establish effective and universal childhood sexual abuse prevention and intervention programs to directly benefit the 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 4 boys who will be sexually violated before the age of 18.
Creativity and Innovation: 
 The LGLPCI Foundation is a pioneering organization that helps to create a dialogue among the survivor community by encouraging adult survivors to take an important step in their healing process by sharing a photo and caption and/or their story on the foundation's website  In addition to providing a platform where survivors can feel safe in disclosing their traumas the LGLPCI Foundation also offers valuable healing resources for survivors and those who support them.  One of the many resources available to survivors themselves are direct subsidies for trauma therapy to help them get started on their personal recovery journey.  To our knowledge we are the only organization that offers to directly fund counseling with a qualified trauma therapist for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.  
 The Let Go… Let Peace Come In Foundation has fostered a relationship with the number one public health school in the world to raise money and awareness to address the problem of child sexual abuse from a prevention, intervention, and research perspective while concurrently providing access to a higher quality of care for adult survivors.  Additionally the LGLPCI Foundation has formed a global alliance that focuses resources on adult survivor healing worldwide.  Partner organizations of the World Alliance for People Sexually Abused in Childhood (WAPSAC) in Great Britain, Australia, India, and Ghana have adapted their visions to include advocacy efforts and access to resources for adults who in their own nations, do not have the benefit of information pertaining to child sexual abuse trauma recovery.
 Childhood sexual abuse knows no gender, cultural, ideological, nor geographical boundaries. It is perhaps one of the world’s true global pandemics.  The LGLPCI Foundation's alignment with the number one public health school in the world along with the research and data that is being collected and analyzed will enable mental health organizations and professionals to provide empirically based public health solutions to the conditions and disorders propagated by the effects of child sexual abuse for decades to come.  This same research will create a dialogue among the treatment and educational communities that will allow for future studies and training to occur so that the quality of care for individuals affected by child sexual abuse can be leveraged positively at the basic primary care level.
 Intervention programs focusing on early prevention of child sexual abuse are being integrated into already successful anti-bullying programs in place at regional primary educational facilities.  Furthermore the LGLPCI Foundation is working toward utilizing an established framework support concept demonstrated by the Alcoholics Anonymous organization to facilitate and conduct support group sessions for adult survivors within their local communities.  Currently any loosely existing groups focusing solely on adult survivors of child sexual abuse vary in consistency of message and methodologies and are not readily available in every community.  The establishment of chapter organizations equipped with homogenous information will help reduce the stigma of support and treatment while bringing an alternative care option directly to the very neighborhoods where survivors themselves are trying to navigate the landscape of raising their own children in a safe and trauma free environment.
 Thus far the LGLPCI Foundation has subsidized therapy for 16 survivors- three of who were Sandusky victims, two from the grand jury and one who was not part of the legal proceedings. The foundation has also provided support resources for over 20 survivors with financial means who were not receiving the quality of care necessary to advance in their recovery. Measurable outcomes moving forward will be the continuation of the survivor therapy subsidies and additionally the completion of a $3 million funding initiative for the Department of Mental Health for the number one public health school in the world.  To date, in only 6 months time the foundation has raised 8% of the necessary funding and has facilitated the commencement of research in Denmark by the chair of the Department of Mental Health into the potential precipitators of pedophilia in order to gain a greater perspective about effective prevention and intervention programs.
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