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Lakeside Recovery Center

Name of Innovative Program: 
Lakeside Recovery Center
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Lakeside Recovery Center
Name of Innovative Program Lead: 
Mark Guarnere
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Project Description: 
Vision: To provide an opportunity for recovery to every individual that seeks it.  Mission: Lakeside Recovery Center offers hope and healing to individuals that seek it. It is our commitment to provide  exceptional treatment for the  mind, body, and spirit, giving the  individual in need, an opportunity to begin their journey to full recovery, in a positive, family friendly, private and safe environment .   
Creativity and Innovation: 
With barely one year of sobriety under his belt, ( sobriety that was inspired by the success of his wife Helena's four plus years of a clean and sober life ) Mark, struggling with bankruptcy from bad business deals, saddled  with empty office buildings that no one was interested in renting , and a burning desire to start a new life dedicated to helping people struggling with the disease of addiction , made a decision to take a sad song and make it better.  
First with the help of an old friend, also in recovery, he re-outfitted the offices to one giant center ... a recovery center using a blueprint right from his and his wife's hearts , he created a place of warmth where people suffering with the disease of addiction could come and instantly  have a sense of dignity as they are taught how to effectively use the tools of recovery to battle this terrible disease, tools they will need for the rest of their lives. Next he would call on another old friend, with no history in recovery (or mental health at all for that matter) that he knew was good with computers, setting up businesses, and a strong faith in God. With the old friend agreeing to run the center (donating his time for free) Mark cashed in his life insurance policy and hired a clinical director with 28 years experience in the field of recovery, a ambitious new young counselor, and together along with his wife,this incredible team started an IOP /OP with this mission statement " It is the vision of Lakeside Recovery Center to provide the opportunity of recovery to every individual that seeks it" 
Taking advantage of open source software, used equipment, 28 years experience in field of recovery, the experience of Mark and Helena's (his wife) journey in recovery and a lot of help from upstairs, Mark and Helena were able to create a  IOP/OP model that features a very successful 16 week program and in its first year of existence was able to provide full and partial scholarships to more than 30 clients seeking help but had no insurance and could not otherwise afford to pay for treatment. 
Put the focus on client care, not insurance benefits. Identifying clients who are serious about getting help in battling thier disease, and giving them the tools to fight it with.
More than 30 clients seeking help but had no insurance and could not otherwise afford to pay for treatment, were given the help they needed.