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Gordon Baker & Anthony Vella
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 Please think of this nomination as more of an introduction. I say that because whether this nomination is a finalist or not, I believe the work I am introducing, over time, will change the way individuals view and manage their own behavioral health, forever. Why do we spend time working against ourselves and our best intentions? We value our time and energy yet waste it habitually getting in our own way. In all types of personal and professional situations, when we have the opportunity to create the reality we would prefer, we procrastinate, ruminate and hesitate instead. We spend time afterward beating ourselves up asking why? Something is getting in the way of individuals creating the reality they prefer, and no one  in education or behavioral health is addressing it.   Individuals can continue to ignore the disconnect between their aspirations and their realities, or they can learn how to manage it.
Creativity and Innovation: 
 GenFlo’s creativity and innovation are founded by a counterintuitive approach to managing human motivations. While education and society continue to reinforce strengthening productive motivations, GenFlo helps individuals learn how to manage their own counterproductive motivations.  GenFlo students learn about a very powerful, inherently natural, motivational conflict that exists in all humans. Students are taught a very simple mental technique and framework, to apply in situations when their genuine intentions are disrupted by internal or external counterproductive distractions and motivations.  Instead of trying to create more focus or confidence in these situations, GenFlo students practice and learn how to manage their own counterproductive distractions more effectively. By reducing the counterproductive motivations, individuals naturally spend more time and energy in a creative, productive orientation.
 GenFlo is the foundational creative tool.  Whether it's an individual, organization, team or business, when these counterproductive motivations are managed, GenFlo students report feeling more focused, more confident and more open to pursue their goals, values and aspirations.
 After two years of pilot programs at various colleges and universities, GenFlo has validated that this “motivational conflict” is experienced the strongest as teenagers emerge into young adults. The disconnect caused by this conflict can be seen everywhere on campus.  - wanting to raise hand in class, but hold back for fear of being judged.- wanting to say hello to someone you are attracted too, but hold back for fear of rejection- wanting to study for an exam, but procrastinate and login to facebook instead. University administrators, professor’s and students have expressed that this conflict is “prevalent” on college’s campuses, so why does it continue to go unaddressed?  Sustainability (Big Picture) - GenFlo’s sustainability is founded by a simple approach to an issue that exists throughout higher education.  Sustainability (Smaller Picture)- GenFlo participants create a sustainable mental skill that gains strength with time and practice.
  GenFlo’s replicability is founded by its validated need in higher education, and its relativity to participants. The program’s concepts are easy to understand and the skill is easy to apply and practice. To simplify the integration process for students and universities, GenFlo's focus has shifted towards developing an online learning platform to deliver introductory concepts and methods. This approach eliminates a number of constraints, while allowing any university or individual easy access to this innovative resource. 
 By learning a skill to reduce their counterproductive distractions/motivations, GenFlo students naturally spend more time and energy creating what they would prefer to create in their personal and professional lives.   GenFlo students report a heightened sense of: -self awareness           - self efficacy-self-discipline             - social confidence- time management     - emotional intelligence  *Additional outcomes/ testimony attached in supporting files
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