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Genesis Club, Inc.

Name of Innovative Program: 
Transitional Assistance Peer Support (TAPS) for Young Adults with Mental Illness
Sponsoring Organization
Genesis Club, Inc.
Name of Innovative Program Lead: 
Kevin Bradley, Executive Director
E-mail Address of Innovative Program Lead:
Project Description: 
Genesis Club’s Transitional Age Peer Support Initiative (TAPS) engages young adults ages 18-25 who are transitioning into adult services and handling adult responsibilities. Through our creative, innovative Clubhouse environment and programming, Genesis has over two years doubled our number of young adult (YA) members with mental illness. With the recent events in Tucson, AZ, Sandy Hook, CT and Washington, DC, our work to train the more than 250 Clubhouses around the United States (and 150 other Clubhouses around the world) on how to effectively engage young adults in their mental health recovery has become even more critical. Our creative employment, education, and health and wellness programs, and the peer friendships that are created among our young adult members have helped prolong and save lives. With our newly acquired, larger Training & Education Center, and with support from the Scattergood Foundation, and other generous foundations and corporations, we can successfully support more young adults and YA colleagues around the country and world through our Young Adult Training sessions. This year, Genesis Club, which was established in 1988, celebrates 25 years of successfully supporting individuals with mental illness on their road to mental health recovery and stability. (See Attached).
Creativity and Innovation: 
Genesis was established at a time when many individuals with mental illness were being institutionalized. Instead, Genesis creates a strong, supportive peer environment that provides opportunities to work, return to school and make friendships. Individuals often enter Genesis in the depths of their mental illness, unemployed; homeless or living in poverty; and in poor health. Today, we successfully support almost 1,000 members yearly. Our members work at many top employers in the region. Last year, 145 Genesis members returned to competitive employment earning $1.2 million.  Our Young Adults worked more than 11,000 hours, earning $101,000. Unfortunately, we’ve found many colleges aren’t adequately prepared to help YA students with mental illness succeed.  Our TAPS program does. Last year, 83% of our students completed and continued their education, nearly reversing the national dropout rate for students with mental illness Our work is saving lives of young adults here and around the world.
Yearly, Genesis holds two, 1-week Young Adult Training sessions for eight Clubhouses (about 25 colleagues; mostly young adults).   Recently, Genesis purchased a new, larger Training Center guesthouse. With your support, we could train 4 - 6 additional Young Adult Training groups (20 additional colleagues a year, for the next 2 – 3 years). Since 1991, Genesis trained 225 Clubhouses from 31 states and 17 countries. Our staff also performs Clubhouse evaluation visits. Additional funding will allow Genesis’ Training Team to perform additional accreditation evaluations. Our YA Initiative was published in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. (See Attached). At an international conference with 100 Clubhouses in St. Louis, October 2013, Genesis’ Young Adult work and success was prominently featured on panels and in the keynote. Our overarching goal is to reduce stigma that accompanies mental illness by showing individuals with mental illness, including young adults, can be responsible and productive citizens. 
Genesis is a non-traditional healthcare facility that helped garner acceptance for its model with state and federal agencies.  Genesis helped negotiate funding levels for 35 Massachusetts Clubhouses with the State.  Currently, Genesis is arguing for increased daily reimbursement rates per member for MA Clubhouses. Over two years, Genesis increased funding from private foundations and corporations by 50%.  Genesis secured multi-year funding from Sidney Baer, Jr. Foundation (nationally) for scholarships to student members with mental illness for the past 6 years (two funding cycles, which is unusual). As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, Genesis increased funding from our annual event by 40% and expanded our annual donor base by 10% - 15%. Recently there has been a renewed interest in mental health rehabilitation programs for young adults with mental illness.  With our solid outcomes and strong reputation, Genesis believes we can increase funding by 25% over the next three years.
In Genesis’ hallmark Employment Program, our Placement Managers work at and learn every Transitional Employment job, then provide 100% employee replacement services for members, eliminating employer downtime. Other Clubhouses use this Best Practice.Individuals with mental illness are twice as likely to have tobacco addiction.  Our Tobacco Cessation Program was featured in Boston Globe. We provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy items to our members. Other Clubhouses now provide similar services. Our “Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Clubhouse Toolkit” was published with UMass Medical School. Our Health & Wellness Program provides significantly reduced gym memberships. Last year, our pedometer program members walked 10,000 miles. Our running/walking team, participates in several road races yearly.Our training colleagues have joined in; many have implemented similar programs. Genesis’ YA Initiative was published in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (2012); we’ve significantly expanded our YA membership over two years. Many Clubhouses are attending YA training and implementing YA Initiatives.
Genesis disseminates member/program data tools through training session Best Practices that are implemented at Clubhouses worldwide. Currently, we have two YA Trainings for up to 14 clubhouses in FY14 to help them implement YA programs and recruit young adults.  (Genesis will survey Clubhouses trained; track implementation of initiatives and program effectiveness.)Additional Genesis YA Initiative goals are to increase YA enrollment by 25% over two years.In FY14 we also plan to:
  • Enroll/place 20 Young Adults in education/employment
  • Increase Clubhouse awareness/site visits with student members on college campuses
  • Develop two new employers to provide jobs to YA Genesis members
 Evaluation metrics (from Existing Monthly Reports) for YA Initiative:Total Young Adults completing courses toward their education programs. Total new/existing YA members employed during FY14. Total Young Adults recruited and retained for Education/Employment aimed at helping their recovery, reducing the inherent risk of isolation and other adverse actions.