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Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care

Name of Innovative Program: 
Recovery Provider Online Directory
Sponsoring Organization
Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care
Name of Innovative Program Lead: 
Gina Nikkel, PhD
E-mail Address of Innovative Program Lead:
Project Description: 
The secret is finally out: long-term use of neuroleptic pharmaceuticals and polypharmacy is dangerous to physical health and actually interferes with recovery from mental health challenges.EXCELLENCE takes calls and emails every week from people in need of a recovery-minded provider who will prescribe more sparingly, for a shorter period of time, or help them titrate off of medication or agree to treat without any use of drugs. EXCELLENCE staff has begun compiling a directory of such providers from all fields of mental health and holistic care and created a provider application that articulates the recovery principles by which a listed provider agrees to practice.As of today, the growth of the directory is limited by the lack of a powerful web-based tool for attracting, vetting, and sharing the wealth of great recovery providers throughout the nation and world. The EXCELLENCE Recovery Provider Directory will be a beautiful, engaging, interactive website and mobile app that can hold its own among mainstream, professional directories while remaining independent of proprietary and commercial interests and committed to approaching the care of every person in need with the expectation of recovery. The tool will include a star-rating system and customer reviews.
Creativity and Innovation: 
Like-minded groups and organizations around the country have begun their own recovery provider directories of varying size and scope, but the EXCELLENCE Recovery Provider Directory will be the first to combine providers from the full spectrum of health care discplines, dedicated to these robust recovery principles with an interactive, versatile website and mobile app to rival any mainstream commercial directory. 
EXCELLENCE has brought many of these like-minded organizations together within its family of donor-advised funds, including the International Society of Ethical Psychology & Psychiatry, the American Association of Community Psychiatrists, Mad in America, and the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.  Once the capital is available to hire a programmer to create the envisioned online tool, we will convene these groups to pool their knowledge and networking resources to get the directory up and running quickly. 
The administrative infrastructure is already in place to maintain and grow the directory after the initial web-based tools are built. EXCELLENCE staff and Scientific Advisory Committee members have the dedication and expertise to keep the directory on mission and running smoothly.
This collaboration has the potential to create powerful new relationships, attract new recovery champions to the cause and serve as a stepping stone to greater joint efforts in the aid of recovery.
The project timeline has already advanced past the creation of the application criteria and establishment of the applicant review process. A growing list of approved providers has already been started with further recruitment underway. Our primary goal is to have multiple listings in every market in the 50 U.S. states followed by expansion to other countries as partnerships and demand are developed.