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Community Data Roundtable

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Community Data Roundtable
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Community Data Roundtable
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Amanda Hope
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225 Taylor Street, Pittsburgh PA 15224
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Children and families living with mental illness and behavioral health issues deserve the best treatment, and the best assistance in finding that treatment, in our complicated healthcare system.  Community Data Roundtable is a nonprofit corporation supporting data-driven decision making in Pennsylvania’s public mental health system. We are dedicated to the development and implementation of evidence-based systems that empower the entire system to provide the highest quality of care.  Our mission is to bring together stakeholders from the community behavioral health system to implement a collaboratively beneficial outcomes monitoring system. We do this using an innovative collaborative approach and process that we believe, when done right, will produce an outcomes system that brings clinical and economic efficiencies to benefit all parties. Our model is threefold; Implementation - Visioning - Training, Software Development and Analysis. Our model includes stakeholders such as service providers, managed care, consumers and advocates and state and county government.

Creativity and Innovation: 

Community Data Roundtable’s collaborative model is what makes us innovative: bringing together stakeholders to share and analyze data in order to implement a collaboratively beneficial outcomes monitoring system. We have also developed software tools that allow for real time decision support - our tools can be accessed on an ipad, iphone, laptop, etc.


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Community Data Roundtable’s “fee-for-service” model allows us to generate revenue by requesting or requiring payment for program services and use of our software product. Our business plan, extensive research and market analysis guides our cost structure. In addition, due to our multi-stakeholder program and collaborative implementation process, our functioning relationships are set up and structured in a way that requires multi-year commitments, sometimes requiring financial commitments from multiple partners within single projects or programs. Our long-term strategy is to be 100% self-sustaining through our innovative projects and partnerships.


Community Data Roundtable has had fast-moving success in program replication. Replicability is a very important aspect of our business model and we are continuously working to enhance the replicability of our effective programs and facilitate their adoption into regions where we currently do not have a presence. Our process and software tools have been developed to be adaptable and flexible to allow program adopters to tailor or customize the program to meet the unique needs of their community and target population.


Outcomes measurement is a priority and is something that is built into the culture of our organization. Community Data Roundtable maintains a sophisticated and comprehensive process and plan for monitoring and reporting on established outcomes and performance measurements.

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Data-driven, solutions, evidence-based, outcomes driven