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Columbia Graphics & Printing

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On the Road to Mission Accomplished
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Columbia Graphics & Printing
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Columbia Graphics & Printing
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Columbia Graphics & Printing, LLC is an established business, which seeks to reduce the stigma of mental illness, by putting people to work. The mission is: Empowering people with mental health challenges to lead inspired lives. People with mental health challenges are untapped resources in most communities. People with schizophrenia usually have a gift for understanding abstract art. While people with bipolar can be hyperverbal and hypersocial. These people who are rarely fully employed, tap into a need of the Company. Those interested in art will be trained as graphic artist and equiped with software and laptops so they can work anywhere. People with hyperverbal and hypersocial tendancies will be trained as sales representatives. The Commonwealth of Virginia is divided into 40 regions, which are overseen by 40 Community Service Boards. These 40 regions will be represented by at least one sales representative and at least one graphic artist. Each sales representative will be sell a job in their region, then the graphic artist for that region will create the work to the customer's specifications. Once customer approval is obtained, the main office will be repsonsible for producing the work and delivering it to the customer.
Creativity and Innovation: 
Columbia Graphics & Printing, LLC is a plain vanilla print company with a radical prespecitve on hiring and training. We seek diamonds in the rough, who have been overlooked by most employers due to gaps in work history or criminal records. By seeking those with mental health challenges for labor, Columbia Graphics & Printing, LLC has inspired loyalty from its customers who appreciate the difficulty of managing a mental illness.
When the secret is out: that those will mental illness provide a refreshing, creative slant to entrenched problems; then other organizations will be inspired to take more risk when hiring in order to find their own diamonds in the rough.
Scott Haugh has a vested interest in achieving the mission, as this will become his full time job in the next two years. Despite minimal advertising, those with mental health concerns have already been in touch, to investigate the likelihood of full employment. That is, employment, that pays well and satisfies the need to create beauty. It is apparent, that many people touched by mental illness are longing to contibute to the success of themselves and something greater than themselves.
This is a simple concept. Engage people who are left out and tap their undeveloped skills so that they can work, earn and contribute. It can be replicated by as many states or region who are willing to fund and manage a similar operation. The business does not necessary have to be printing.
The results are measured by those who are put to work and able to ween themselves off of public assistance. The primary barrier to achieving the mission is funding. The mission will be accomplished slowly or quickly, depending on funding, but it is a necessary outcome for those starving to work and live a full life.