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The Anxiety Summit

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The Anxiety Summit
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The Anxiety Summit
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Trudy Scott
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12401 Folsom Blvd, #324, Rancho Cordova, CA, 95742, USA
Project Description: 

The Anxiety Summit is an online or virtual gathering of international experts sharing research and nutritional solutions for anxiety, and the very powerful connection between food and mental health. Twice a year, Food Mood Expert and Certified Nutritionist Trudy Scott interviews 20+ of the world’s experts and opinion leaders: researchers, doctors, psychiatrists, naturopaths, pharmacists, nutritionists, consumer wellness advocates, and psychologists.  Topics are varied, research-based and include:

  • Seafood - ultimate brain and mood food 
  • The impact of sugar
  • Fermented foods and probiotics for anxiety and depression
  • Psychoneuroimmunology, the new psychiatry
  • Gluten’s impact on the inflamed brain
  • Addicted Brain and How to Break Free
  • Microbes in the gut and psychobiotics: a potential treatment for anxiety
  • Adrenals and thyroid health
  • Targeted individual amino acids for eliminating anxiety
  • The latest food and nutrient research on anxiety
  • Why treating your liver is fundamental to anxiety and depression
  • Magnesium for anxiety
  • Methylation and genetic predispositions
  • Drug induced nutritional deficiencies that contribute to anxiety
  • Tapering off psychiatric drugs so they don’t ruin your life
  • Hidden causes of anxiety: Drugs, illness, light and balance
  • How zinc and vitamin B6 prevent pyroluria and social anxiety
  • Your hidden mercury burden as root cause of anxiety
  • Clients sharing their success stories
Creativity and Innovation: 

The Anxiety Summit is the first online gathering of international experts sharing research and nutritional solutions for anxiety, with a world-wide reach of over 25,000 attendees in 2014. Trudy Scott just did it alone with a very small team of part-time consultants.

The summit reaches anxious individuals around the globe, allowing them to become educated and empowered and providing resources and transformational tools they can take to their doctors, therapists, nutritionists and/or allied health professionals.  It also provides resources for health professionals, which they can share their patients and clients. 

Attendees had free access to 2 speakers a day for a 24 hour window, with the option to purchase audios and/or transcripts for future reference.  Just over 5% of attendees purchased summit proceedings, allowing close to 95% have access at no charge (many of whom would not have otherwise been able to learn about this cutting edge information).


Trudy Scott recently suggested replicating this model (and offered assistance) to the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research (ISNPR), an organization that supports “scientifically rigorous research into nutritional approaches to the prevention and treatment of mental disorders and their comorbidities.”  There is an opportunity for other companies, groups, organizations, non-profits to model this method of disseminating valuable mental health information to a wider audience. 


The bringing together of researchers, doctors, psychiatrists, naturopaths, pharmacists, nutritionists, consumer wellness advocates, and psychologists, allows the fostering of relationships and a deepening of understandings across platforms and modalities. 

It is also a wonderful opportunity for the summit host to highlight stellar health professionals, organizations, resources, books, programs and research.


Due to the online world, technical innovations, the internet, technology, computers and cell phones, this model has unlimited potential to be effectively  duplicated by institutions/organizations, with each summit having it’s own unique set of objectives/goals, speakers and topics.  This is an opportunity to change healthcare and the mental health model as we know it today and to facilitate making this a reality: “Nutritional Medicine as Mainstream in Psychiatry.” (Lancet paper published Jan 2015)


This is an online/virtual event and the reach is global.  Attendees listen in from across the USA, Australia, UK, Denmark, India and further afield…scattering  good throughout the world!  The first summit in June 2014 reached 10,300 people, and over 15,000 in November 2014, with a total reach of 25,000.  Two summits are planned each year and the goal is to double this reach annually.

Feedback from attendees is the most important performance measure:

“…like a bouquet of hope:)”

“It has been illuminating and empowering”

“I am a Naturopath/Nutritionist… one of the best summits I’ve attended”

“thank you for every perfect question and follow up with each speaker as we went along – that’s what made this the most valuable!”

“Fantastic work and what a selection of awe inspiring professionals leading the way forward in thinking about anxiety, stress and the biochemical dance that exists within every one of us”

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