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Name of Innovative Program: 
AHS Fleet Complete
Sponsoring Organization
Name of Innovative Program Lead: 
Melissa Wilkes, LMSW
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Physical Address of Innovative Program: 
951 Court Ave., Memphis, TN 38103
Project Description: 

The innovative program we have customized for our agency, Alliance Healthcare Services, is fleet tracking application to be used for our crisis assessment team. This application presents an interactive map of the county, location of readily visited destinations, and real time location of staff within this area. The use of this application simplifies decision making for dispatching staff, improves response times, positively effecting consumers and our partner community agency’s satisfaction, along with advancing efficiency with fewer resources.  

Creativity and Innovation: 

Due to our county’s consistent high call volume for mental health crisis assessments, response standards are vital to assisting those individuals in a timely manner then dispositioning them to the appropriate facility.  Through the use of this application the agency is able to use fewer resources for accountability of staff, monitoring their safety and mileage, and documentation of recorded time. The technology provided by the Fleet tracker application allows staff to focus on other tasks such as service delivery to patients. One way it assists in this is by locating the closest staff person to a location rather than having to guess this information.


Our tracking system has been presented to our State Department of Mental Health to be used as a model for other mobile crisis agencies in our state, as well as, other states. This is a system that can be implemented as a successful model for any behavioral health organizations with staff members in the field.  This is an attractive application for other organizations to implement due to their opportunity for multifaceted benefits.


The cost of the phones given to each Crisis Specialist is equivalent to what would be spent for internet connection and basic phone reimbursement costs. The devices are technically supported through trained AT&T staff, Fleet complete staff, along with our own IT professionals for the early stages of this applications use.


The Business Associate Agreement with the Fleet complete system has guaranteed that the use of the devices is HIPPA compliant. For agencies that have given their staff cellular phones, there are options for them to implement this application onto those devices.  The application works on android and apple devices through a reliable phone provider.


Through the use of our innovation we have found an increase in assessments by each Crisis Specialists with improved response times. There has also been a decrease of daily mileage traveled by this same crisis specialist. The application gives another view that can be seen in a daily report of the number of calls per location helping to account for and manage employees throughout the community.

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