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Improving Spaces: Storage and Privacy for the Bedroom

Intervention Description
Paula, Alexis, Connor, Van
Overall Description: 
Residents of Jane Addams Place almost always share a bedroom where both space and privacy is limited. This intervention focuses on these two attributes. A platform raises the bed of the ground, and in doing so, creates storage space. A framework surrounding the bed is ideal for hanging curtains which can serve a variety of functions including the creation of visual and even some audible privacy. Residents can easily switch out curtains and choose whatever best suits their needs. The simple addition of storage space takes advantage of the high ceilings at Jane Adam’s and also allows residents to keep more possessions. Being able to keep more personal belongings adds to a sense of comfort which is not common in trauma patients. Having curtains around each bed lets the individual control their level of privacy. They can choose the color, pattern, and material of the curtains to achieve their desired effect, whether it be purely aesthetic or functional as well. The framework can act as a way to further personalize their space and give some sense of control.
Our product promotes two of the six key principles of a trauma-informed approach. The two principles are: Safety and Empowerment, Voice and Choice. Safety is achieved on a psychological level because of the ability for each person to have privacy in the bedroom. Since this is generally where one should feel most private, it is important that even though they share a room, they know that they have their own space and can be alone if they need to be. Our product promotes the principle of Empowerment, Voice and Choice because the customization aspect of the framework allows residents to have control over at least a couple of aspects when it comes to Jane Addams. They can choose the color and material of the curtains and open or close them as they see fit. They can also take advantage of many products, which are made to be hung, to further personalize their space. All of these customizable options can provide the guest with a sense of empowerment at the fact that they can customize their space.
Original Idea
We believe that our project will have a big impact and revolutionize Jane Addams. By adding additional storage the guests will be able to keep more of their belongings upon coming to Jane Addams Place. If the guests are allowed to keep more items, they may be less stressed. They also may feel more comfortable in their environment because they have more personal items. In addition, by adding color, and personalization options, it makes the space more inviting and uplifting. Our product promotes trauma informed standards because it promotes Safety and Empowerment, Voice and Choice. It promotes these because it allows the guest to be psychologically safe in their room and to hold on to more personal items. The more things they can accumulate, the more secure they will feel. The option to personalize their space subtly empowers them by allowing them to take control of their environment in a minimal, but impactful way.
The platform and framework will be ready for implementation as soon as the materials are acquired and assembled. Once assembled, a bed can simply be placed on the platform an is ready for use.
Estimated Cost of Production: 
Do the production costs decrease as the number of units produced increases?: 
Space and Staffing Required: 
The space needed for the bed unit is the area of the bed plus roughly 3’ to walk around two sides. No staffing is required.
Does your product require training of shelter staff to use appropriately?: 
After the bed unit has been built, there is very little maintenance that needs to be done.
We believe that our product is well –suited for other shelters and could very easily be replicated in those shelters. Most shelters do not have a lot of storage so the addition of storage units would be a tremendous benefit. Also, the privacy gained from the curtains would be even more beneficial to other shelters in which residents sleep in big open rooms with dozens of other people. The choice of colors can also uplift the occupant, temporarily relieve stress, and create a positive environment.
The impact of this product will be subtle, but powerful. It is not something that can be physically measured, but rather, seen in the attitudes of the residents. The product gives more control to people who may not have much influence in other aspects of their lives. Control helps them build a foundation for stability which will help them take steps to improve their situation.