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Grantee Updates

"The Experimenting Society"
The Scattergood Foundation  -  December 6, 2012
Jack Tebes, Samantha Matlin, and Sara Ansell present how they are building agency capacity for program evaluation.
The Power of Philanthropy as Catalyst
The Scattergood Foundation  -  December 5, 2012
Dr. John Rich from Drexel Univeristy and the Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice told his program story visually.
Reporting on Trauma Takes A Toll On Victims...
The Scattergood Foundation  -  December 4, 2012
Ari Goldman, presented on the Dart Center of Journalism and Trauma & Gun Crisis Philly at the Scattergood Grant Forum.
The need for Ethics Research & Application
The Scattergood Foundation  -  December 3, 2012
Dom Sisti, PhD., presented on Scattergood Program for Applied Ethics in Behavioral Health at the annual grant forum.
DSM-5 Approved by APA Leadership
The Scattergood Foundation  -  December 2, 2012
The revisions and updates to the manual were the first significant changes in over two decades.
The Implications of Medicaid Expansion
The Scattergood Foundation  -  November 29, 2012
"If all states implement the Medicaid expansion, the federal government will fund the vast majority of increased cost."
Active Minds - American Giving Awards honoree
Active Minds, Inc.  -  November 27, 2012
Vote for Active Minds and help us win $1 Million!
'Ethics in Mental Healthcare'
ScattergoodEthics  -  November 27, 2012
Take a course at Penn!
Genomind is trying to crack the code
WHYY  -  November 26, 2012
Genetic test helps explain why anti-depressants work only for some.
The Porch Light Initiative is on Facebook!
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program  -  November 16, 2012
Keep up on the latest Porch Light news, articles, and other interesting behavioral health and art initiatives!
Building Agency Capacity for Program Evaluation
The Consultation Center at Yale University  -  November 15, 2012
Update on Progress for Second Year Grantees...
Funding Available: Apply Today!
Active Minds, Inc.  -  November 15, 2012
Active Minds is seeking proposals for the 2013 cycle of the Emerging Scholars Fellowship...
Understanding the Weight of Trauma
Institute for Safe Families  -  November 12, 2012
Exploring the weight of trauma on obesity and various types of disordered eating.
Philadelphia Has a Serious Case of PTSD
Drexel University School of Public Health  -  November 9, 2012
"We’re talking about huge portions of entire communities that are impaired in terms of their basic functioning.”
Integrating Behavioral Health into Long-term Care
Chandler Hall  -  November 7, 2012
A Manual for Providers Of Care for the Aging
"Your Past Dosen't Define You"
Youth Media Awards- WHYY  -  November 5, 2012
Maurice Rippel, the inaugural Scattergood Youth Media Award winner featured in Montgomery News.
Conference on Ethics in Mental Health
ScattergoodEthics  -  November 1, 2012
November 28-30, 2012 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Grown-Up to Growing Up
Youth Media Awards- WHYY  -  October 23, 2012
View the award winning video and learn more about the Youth Media Awards.
National Mental Health on Campus Conference
Active Minds, Inc.  -  October 23, 2012
The only national conference geared towards young adult mental health advocacy. Join us November 9-11 in Orlando, FL.
Social Media Approach to Behavioral Health
Drexel Univeristy Health Management & Policy  -  October 23, 2012
Social media plan to help reduce the stigma of mental health created by four Public Health students.
UPenn Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy
ScattergoodEthics  -  October 18, 2012
UPenn Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy, home of the ScattergoodEthics Program, launches new website.
More Green, Less Crime
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society  -  October 16, 2012
Greening of vacant urban land may affect the health and safety of nearby residents
How do you measure public art's impact on health?
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program  -  October 16, 2012
The Porch Light Initiative and Yale University are lighting the way...
Institute for Safe Families  -  October 5, 2012
The ACE Study DVD, is a strategic tool to facilitate the paradigm shift in programs, practices and policies.
Raising Awareness of Student Suicide
Active Minds, Inc.  -  October 2, 2012
The Send Silence Packing truck along with the 1,100 backpacks, thousands of pages of educational material arrived in DC!
Take Action in Your Community & Fight Stigma Today
Active Minds, Inc.  -  September 28, 2012
Stigma is shame. Shame causes silence. Silence hurts us all.
Kids and meds
ScattergoodEthics  -  September 24, 2012
Dr. Dan Gottlieb explores the topic of kids and meds with Judith Warner and Drs. Tony Rostain & David Rubin.
Scattergood Behavioral Health Youth Media Award
Youth Media Awards- WHYY  -  September 21, 2012
Join us on October 13th for the WHYY Youth Media Awards!
PHFC's 6th Annual Conference
Pennsylvania Health Funders Collaborative  -  September 21, 2012
An exciting opportunity for PA funders to build upon our understanding of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
Upcoming Mural Arts mural dedications!
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program  -  September 20, 2012
Join us at the upcoming Mural Arts mural dedications!
Senate Bill 100
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society  -  September 12, 2012
True Prison Reform Continues...
Dr. Linda Chamberlain: ACEs and Alcohol Abuse
Institute for Safe Families  -  September 4, 2012
The connection between ACEs and alcohol problems illustrates many key characteristics about traumatic stress...