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Grantee Updates

Heard any buzz about the 2014 Design Challenge?
Drexel Univeristy Health Management & Policy  -  January 31, 2014
See what PsychCentral, ACEs Connection, Drug Store News & more have to say about this year's Design Challenge!
This Week's Behavioral Health Headlines From WHYY
WHYY  -  January 30, 2014
Researchers document connection between concussions and depression in teens & more headlines from WHYY Health + Science
Does your personality influence your health?
UPenn Perelman School of Medicine  -  January 21, 2014
Can personality profiles be used to customize interventions to ensure appropriate and cost-effective treatment?
Resources for Urban Trail Planning
Jason Sandman  -  January 20, 2014
Tacony Creek Park Urban Trail Organizer shares his database of useful web resources that have helped to create impact!
Assisted Outpatient Treatment Concerns
Tim Clement  -  January 16, 2014
Why is there so much controversy surrounding assisted outpatient treatment?
NFL Brain Injury Settlement Overturned
The Scattergood Foundation  -  January 16, 2014
As former players struggle with depression and early onset dementia, a judge puts a halt to a $765 million settlement.
Royce White, a Mental Health Disorder and the NBA
Drexel Univeristy Health Management & Policy  -  January 9, 2014
In recent months his advocacy has come under question by the front offices of the NBA & it seems only a few support him.
Defining mental illnesses:
ScattergoodEthics  -  January 6, 2014
Can values and objectivity get along? Sisti, Young, and Caplan debate the controversies of the DSM-5.
Wear your brain on your chest
Active Minds, Inc.  -  January 3, 2014
… and your heart on your sleeve! Encourage, engage, and support conversations about mental health & ACTIVE MINDS!
The bar set high for conservation work in Tacony!
Jason Sandman  -  December 20, 2013
A diverse crew of 10 students and 2 leaders removed invasives and trash and planted 80+ trees in Tacony Creek Park.
Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma  -  December 6, 2013
Follow the workshop on twitter #dartconf. See what the speakers and participants are discussing over the next two days.
Metrics, Money, & the Ethics of Behavioral Health
The Scattergood Foundation  -  December 5, 2013
An opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the implications of healthcare reform & the economy on the B.H. system.
What Economics & Addiction Tell Us…
UPenn Perelman School of Medicine  -  December 3, 2013
We still do not completely understand whether changing the brain alters behavior but work is starting to bridge the gap.
Stigma is Public Prejudice Based on Ignorance
Tim Clement  -  December 2, 2013
Stigma begins in public but can be internalized as well.
Is the refrigerator the new medicine cabinet?
Drexel Univeristy Health Management & Policy  -  November 27, 2013
The brain is the most active organ in the human body and consumes about 20-30% of a person's energy intake at rest.
It is critical to understand the power of words
ScattergoodEthics  -  November 20, 2013
Ethics and Mental Health Journalism: The Difficult Case of Borderline Personality Disorder by Dr. Dominic Sisti.
Late Autumn in Tacony Creek
Jason Sandman  -  November 12, 2013
Learn how to take part in Philadelphia's Love Your Park Service Day this Saturday!
Getting Through Thanksgiving, NIce and Easy
Drexel Univeristy Health Management & Policy  -  November 12, 2013
We all prepare in many different ways for the holiday season. Is mentally preparing on your to do list?
Bed bugs among problems at some N.J. boarding home
WHYY  -  November 1, 2013
An audio report of what it is really like inside some boarding homes for the mentally ill.
Covering Immigrants and Mental Health
Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma  -  November 1, 2013
A workshop for reporters, photographers & news managers on covering immigrants and refugees and mental health issues.
The Importance of Childhood
UPenn Perelman School of Medicine  -  November 1, 2013
What is the relationship between adverse childhood events, health, and economics?
50 Years After the Community Mental Health Act
Tim Clement  -  October 31, 2013
Much has improved for people with mental illness since 1963, but prejudice is an obstacle that still remains
The Philadelphia Urban ACE Study
Institute for Safe Families  -  October 28, 2013
The study found that 40.5% of Philadelphia adults witnessed violence while growing up.
Why Should We Talk About Spirituality?
The Scattergood Foundation  -  October 25, 2013
A Guide to Leading Spirituality Support Groups in Behavioral Health Care Settings
2013 Youth Media Award Winner Radiant
Youth Media Awards- WHYY  -  October 23, 2013
Watch the winners of the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Youth Media Award: Radiant and Grown-up to Growing Up.
Green Space As A Tool To Improve Health
Jason Sandman  -  October 22, 2013
Key partnerships help to make Tacony Creek Park a place to improve individual's health and wellness.
Year 3 Kick-off of Building Agency Capacity Grant
The Consultation Center at Yale University  -  October 21, 2013
15 Organizations are not only recipients of the same grant but a learning collaborative around evaluation.
Advocates are not the PC Police
Tim Clement  -  October 20, 2013
Objections to stereotypes are about discouraging prejudice and discrimination, not insensitivity
Receive $25K for your Behavioral Health Innovation
The Scattergood Foundation  -  October 14, 2013
Seeking nominations for the second annual Scattergood Foundation Innovation Award!
The field of behavioral health is changing rapidly
WHYY  -  October 14, 2013
Voices in the Family show highlights innovation patient care with Pat Deegan, Molly Kreider Viscardi, & Arthur Evans.
A Running Regimen & Mental Health
Drexel Univeristy Health Management & Policy  -  October 11, 2013
How important is physical activity to your mental health?
Brandon Marshall Raises Awareness
Tim Clement  -  October 11, 2013
Green cleats shine a spotlight on Mental Health Awareness Week