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Grantee Updates

Health Providers' Opinions Needed
The Scattergood Foundation  -  January 12, 2016
Complete this survey by January 29th, to help set the policy agenda around mental health and substance abuse parity.
"The Biggest Gift of All"
Active Minds, Inc.  -  January 11, 2016
Learn why Jessica Harvath-Hilgeman valued her experiences in the Emerging Scholar Fellowship.
Obama Admin. include mental health in exec. orders
The Scattergood Foundation  -  January 7, 2016
On January 6, 2016 President Obama took executive action on gun violence with some measures related to mental health.
Bridging Community Development and Health
Brandywine Health Foundation  -  December 18, 2015
Youth Mental Health First Aid: Implementation Lessons from Pennsylvania
The UN must include ALL MH/SUDs on indicator list
Amanda Mauri  -  December 14, 2015
The disease burden, financial cost & significant comorbidity between MH/SUDs requires the development of more indicators
Three Articles About Our Work in PSIJ 25th Edition
The Scattergood Foundation  -  December 12, 2015
Launching Social Innovations through Business and Social Enterprise Incubators, Labs & Foundation Competitions
Diagnosing, Disclosing, & Documenting BPD
ScattergoodEthics  -  December 7, 2015
A survey of 134 psychiatrists was completed to examine whether they had ever withheld a patient's BPD diagnosis.
Emotional Spending: 'Tis The Season
Drexel University School of Public Health  -  December 2, 2015
"I asked myself why running to the mall was my only solution to relieve my stress that day?"
From Alienism to ACOs: Integrating Psychiatry, Aga
ScattergoodEthics  -  December 1, 2015
Over the past 150yrs, psychiatry has gone through periods of disconnection from somatic medicine & health care.
Worshipping Busy
Drexel University School of Public Health  -  November 13, 2015
We are weeks away from approaching what may be the busiest season of the year. Don’t get caught up!
Building Evaluation Capacity Initiative
The Consultation Center at Yale University  -  November 3, 2015
Summary of Progress for 2014-15, highlighting The Consultation Center's work with 22 different Philly organizations.
First Year Report for Coatesville YMHFA Initiative
Brandywine Health Foundation  -  October 14, 2015
The first year report includes the results of the independent evaluation from West Chester University.
Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainings Available
Brandywine Health Foundation  -  October 13, 2015
New Coatesville Area dates for November 2015 community trainings!
Dismantling the stigma behind black mental health
WHYY  -  October 9, 2015
Churches have long been the place where many African Americans find community and support.
Nonprofit Repositioning Fund Launched
The Scattergood Foundation  -  October 8, 2015
We are one of eight funders supporting the fund improving the capacity, effectiveness & financial health of nonprofits.
New 50 State Report on Parity
Parity Track  -  October 7, 2015
Report Shows Few Successes in Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Implementation
'Stigma of Masculinity' Gets in the Way
WHYY  -  September 29, 2015
"Men will say I'm tired and I'm not really engaged in work and we may not interpret that as depression."
Halloween attraction dishonors mentally ill
ScattergoodEthics  -  September 17, 2015
Dominic Sisti and Andrea Segal comment on the Pennhurst State Hospital Halloween attraction.
10yrs after Katrina, addressing the mental trauma
WHYY  -  August 20, 2015
Listen to Kendall Booker's story of trauma and healing after Hurricane Katrina.
“The community was ready and ripe to receive this"
Brandywine Health Foundation  -  August 19, 2015
Coatesville YMHFA featured in the article 'Preparing an entire city to respond to mental health emergencies'.
A Safe Space on Broad Street
The Scattergood Foundation  -  August 18, 2015
Broad Street Ministry, an amazing community partner and past grantee featured in Flying Kite Media.
The relationship between ADA & MHPAEA
The Scattergood Foundation  -  July 29, 2015
The ADA and the Federal Parity Law share the goal of combating discrimination but differ greatly in implementation.
Campus Suicide and the Pressure of Perfection
Active Minds, Inc.  -  July 28, 2015
A young UPenn student shares about her mental health journey and where and how she sought help.
A Debate on Treating Mental Illness:
ScattergoodEthics  -  July 27, 2015
Should We Bring Back Asylums? Dominic Sisti & Renee Binder moderated by Gloria Duffy of Commonwealth Club of CA.
Building capacity in nonprofits is key
The Consultation Center at Yale University  -  July 25, 2015
Scattergood, Barra, and the Philadelphia Foundation are teaming up for evaluation initiative.
Innovations in Youth Mental Health First Aid
Brandywine Health Foundation  -  July 23, 2015
Dana Heiman and Alyson Ferguson presented at the Project AWARE new grantee conference hosted by SAMHSA.
The Latest in Behavioral Health Headlines
WHYY  -  July 17, 2015
'Should digital health records include mental health?' and 'Documenting Dad's Dementia Through Photos & Audio'
Tourists help fight mental health stigma
WHYY  -  July 17, 2015
Freelance journalist William Orme, reporting on mental health stigma, trauma, and creating connections in Rwanda.
Request for Applications
The Consultation Center at Yale University  -  July 16, 2015
Support available for 11 nonprofit organizations to receive evaluation training and consultation from Yale
Final Evaluation of the Porch Light Study
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program  -  July 9, 2015
Mural Arts and DBHIDS Press Release on the Evaluation completed by Yale School of Medicine of the Porch Light Program.
MindKare Kiosk Highlighted on Ben FM
Screening For Mental Health Inc.  -  July 7, 2015
DBHIDS staff featured on Ben FM discussing Healthy Minds Philly and the MindKare Kiosk.
Bill a good start in reforming mental-health care
ScattergoodEthics  -  July 2, 2015
Drs. Dominic Sisti and Arthur Caplan comment on the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act