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Intervention Description
Paula, Alexis, Connor, Van
Overall Description: 
Our product is a multi -color door that can be customized and an adjustable three storage unit system. We picked the colors based off of a psychological research study called “The Application of Color in Healthcare Settings” by Sheila Bosch that stated that certain colors can be beneficial and in some cases help heal an individual that has gone through a traumatic event. Peach, light green, light blue and lavender were among those colors. Our product will meet the needs of the guest and staff at Jane Addams in several ways. One way the product will help is that it will augment the storage capabilities of Jane Addams. Upon visiting the site we noted the lack of storage that the guest had. This can be stressful for the guest because they may have to sacrifice important items due to the lack of storage. By adding additional storage, the guest can have more items, thus possibly reducing their stress. The storage is customizable because it can be arranged in different ways. The storage is also customizable in the aspect that the doors will be covered with a colored adhesive film that correlates with the colors in the door. The adhesive film is not permanent and can be changed when need be. In addition, the storage can be used as seating or a play surface for kids. Another way our product helps Jane Addams is by allowing the guest to customize their space. Not only are the doors multi- colored, the cork panels in which the guest can post images or notes. The doors also have acrylic panels that the guest can write inspiring messages on. By allowing the guest to customize their space, it will give them a sense of empowerment and choice. This can lead to positive attitudes and environment.
Our product promotes two of the six key principles of a trauma-informed approach. The two principles are: Collaboration and Mutuality and Empowerment, Voice and Choice. Our product promotes collaboration and mutuality because the staff and the guest have a role in the application of the storage units. For example, if a guest needs help with customizing something, they can ask the staff for advice. At that point, the staff and the guest can collaborate on the best next step. Our product promotes the principle of Empowerment, Voice and Choice because the customization aspect of the doors and storage units allows the guest to have control over at least a couple of aspects when it comes to Jane Addams. They can pin photos or notes to the door on the cork section and write notes on the acrylic portion or the door. They can also change the colored adhesive film on the door of the storage units as well as change the configuration of the storage units as well. All of these customizable options can provide the guest with a sense of empowerment at the fact that they can customize their space as well as a voice and choice since they can choose what to put on the door and the configuration of the storage.
Original Idea
Our product will have a big impact and revolutionize Jane Addams because most shelters do not have a lot of storage. By adding additional storage the guest will be able to keep more of their belongings upon coming to Jane Addams. If the guests are allowed to keep more items, they may be less stressed. They also may feel more comfortable in their environment because they have more personal items. In addition, by adding color, it makes the space more inviting and uplifting. In addition, having all of the customizable options can make the guest space even more personal which can also reduce stress. Our product promotes trauma informed standards because it promotes Collaboration and Mutuality and Empowerment, Voice and Choice. It promotes these because it allows the guest and staff to collaborate during the process of adjusting the storage units and it gives the guest a chance to have a voice and empower them through their customizations.
The storage units will be ready for implementation as soon as the materials for the storage units are bought, the colored adhesive film is bought, and storage units are built. The materials for the storage units are: MDF, flat steel reinforcing bars, a metal door handle, hinges, and a lock. All of this may take about a month to accomplish. The doors for the most part can be implemented immediately. Paint is easily accessible at Walmart or Home Depot. We are proposing to buy eco-friendly paint. The only aspect of the door that would not be immediately would be the cork and the acrylic panels which have to be ordered. For both of these projects guests may want to participate in the implementation since it directly impacts them. Also, local students, from either high school or college, may want to come participate for community service or to just help out. **Cost is based on door and 3 storage boxes**
Estimated Cost of Production: 
Do the production costs decrease as the number of units produced increases?: 
Space and Staffing Required: 
The only space needed for the storage units is some of the existing hallways space. In terms of staffing, the only time staff would be needed is when the guest wants to change the color of the configuration of the storage units. Our proposal for the door requires painting, adding the cork, and adding acrylic panels to the existing doors. Staff would only be needed for this if the doors needed repainting. Staff would also be needed if the acrylic got damaged.
Does your product require training of shelter staff to use appropriately?: 
After the storage units have been built and the doors have been painted, there is very little maintenance that needs to be done. The only foreseeable maintenance is the repainting of doors when the paint chips and the changing of the colored adhesive film when a new guest comes and wants to customize their space. The funds for these items may be raised through donations or the items themselves could be donated.
We believe that our product is well –suited for other shelters and could very easily be replicated in those shelters. Most shelters do not have a lot of storage, so the addition of storage units would be a tremendous benefit. Also, the fact that the storage units are configurable means they could virtually fit anywhere. Even spaces with minimal amounts of space can benefit from the units. In terms of the doors, adding a bit of color can make a space more habitable, even if it is temporary. The choice of colors can also uplift the occupant, temporarily relieve stress, and create a positive environment.
The impact of this product will be subtle, but powerful. It is not something that can be physically measured, but rather, seen in the attitudes of the residents. The product gives more control to people who may not have much influence in other aspects of their lives. Control helps them build a foundation for stability which will help them take steps to improve their situation.

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