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Five Agencies Selected for Building Agency Capacity Grant

This year the Scattergood Foundation and The Consultation Center at Yale University received applications from 52 Philadelphia area organizations for five, 2-year awards. Applications were received from a diverse set of agencies, including large health networks, innovative startups, and cultural organizations. Clearly, the demand for evaluation capacity building exceeds the current funding available.

All 52 applications were submitted to The Consultation Center at Yale University School of Medicine. Each member of the evaluation team participated in a comprehensive review process of the 52 applications.  The Consultation Center used four criteria to score each application: 1) overall quality, 2) the expected impact of the award on a program’s evaluation capacity, 3) the expected impact of the award on an agency’s evaluation capacity, and 4) the expected impact of the award on the broader community and/or field of behavioral health. The top 18 rated applications (just over one-third) then underwent a second critical review by the team and were ranked in ascending order.  From this list, the five top-rated applications were recommended for awards to the Scattergood Foundation. 

The top 5 organizations and the specific program that will be participating in the Building Agency Capacity for Program Evaluation grant are (in alphabetical order): 


Due to the large number of applications, the Foundation has scheduled an Evaluation Capacity Building Discussion Forum on Monday, October 21st from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. at WHYY studios (150 N. 6th Street).  The forum will include agencies such as applicants, past participants, local funders, the Foundation leadership and representatives,  as well as the Yale University consultants to discuss the need for evaluation capacity building, related strategies to increase support for this work, and organizational readiness for capacity building. The Foundation hopes to raise the visibility of the need for internal evaluation and have key players in the health field  recognize the critical need locally and beyond.

If you are interested in attending on October 21st, please email Alyson Ferguson at

Do you know organizations that are not focused on behavioral health that could benefit from this program or one like it?