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Language Matters when Describing Mental Illness
ScattergoodEthics  -  August 26, 2014
Metaphors that evoke mystical or supernatural imagery can stigmatize mental health conditions
Tragedy, Outrage, and Stigma Reduction
Tim Clement  -  August 13, 2014
Backlash over Shepard Smith's insensitive comments about Robin Williams show us 21st Century stigma reduction
Sara Ansell & Porch Light Program creating change
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program  -  August 7, 2014
Creative Exchange: The Porch Light takes the transformative power of art to the streets.
Letters & Journals of Thomas Scattergood
The Scattergood Foundation  -  August 6, 2014
Haverford College is hosting an online exhibit featuring Thomas Scattergood and his role in starting Friends Hospital.
Check Up, Check Out: Launch of first MH kiosk
Greg C. & Teresa M.  -  August 5, 2014
Wellness at Your Fingertips, the 2014 Design Challenge winning submission, is now available for public use in N. Philly
So Long, Farewell: Saying Goodbye is Difficult
Greg C. & Teresa M.  -  August 5, 2014
“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”
Guest Blog: Substance Abuse and Mental Illness
The Scattergood Foundation  -  August 5, 2014
Jess Plummer delves into the data behind mental illness, substance abuse, and violence
Scattergood Stigma Services
Tim Clement  -  July 28, 2014
What is the Scattergood Foundation doing to reduce stigma in 2014?
Check Up, Check Out: ShopRite’s Guide to Wellness
Greg C. & Teresa M.  -  July 24, 2014
Join us 8/5/14 for the launch of the first ever behavioral health screening kiosk in a retail clinic!
Can Data Help with Suicide Prevention?
WHYY  -  July 2, 2014
"Close to 40,000 Americans commit suicide every year, and that rate has been rising in the past decade."
Request for Proposals: 2014-16 Program Evaluation
The Consultation Center at Yale University  -  June 30, 2014
Learn more and download the application for Building Agency Capacity for Program Evaluation 2014-2016 Grant Opportunity
#IWillListenDay in Love Park
Tim Clement  -  June 6, 2014
The nation's first I Will Listen Day was a wonderful day of advocacy, learning, and most importantly, listening
Media Coverage of I Will LIsten Day Philadelphia
The Scattergood Foundation  -  June 4, 2014
I Will Listen Day Philadelphia was a tremendous success and widely-covered by the media
Creating a Cross-Discipline Team of Students
The Scattergood Foundation  -  May 21, 2014
Looking for graduate level interns to acts as consultants to the 2014-2015 Design Challenge!
Check out what is going on in our backyard
The Scattergood Foundation  -  May 20, 2014
Learn more about the Tookany Tacony Frankford Watershed Partnership's spring and summer events.
Check out this week's behavioral health headlines
WHYY  -  May 14, 2014
Stories from across the region on homelessness, drug abuse, and the shortage of mental health care.
Rise and Shine Mural Tour
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program  -  May 13, 2014
Join us on one of Philadelphia's iconic trolleys on Sunday, May 18th at 11:00am for the first mural tour of the season!
Interview With
Tim Clement  -  May 12, 2014
We interviewed Paul Berry, founder of the website and the Be Heard Project about his organization
Mental Health Screening in Retail Clinics
Greg C. & Teresa M.  -  May 9, 2014
The 2014 Design Challenge has been featured in several local news outlets.
Presentation at the Annual APA Meeting
The Scattergood Foundation  -  May 7, 2014
Reducing Stigma for Greater Access: A Multifaceted Initiative in Philadelphia